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8/26...Slow motion sex  

Codex97471 70M
3 posts
8/26/2022 9:39 am
8/26...Slow motion sex

There’s a time and place for a quickie, but sometimes you prefer sex in slow motion.
Slow-mo sex can be some of the most satisfying sex of your life. At least, that’s been my experience.
This article is all about how to have slow-mo sex.
Don’t Multitask Sex
One of the best ways to have slow-mo sex is to do less.
It’s impossible to slow down when you’re trying to “octopus sex” with every limb.
While multitasking may help us get more done in a shorter period of time, it actually prevents us from slowing down and experiencing “slow-mo.” When we’re trying to do several things at once, our brain is constantly shifting gears and never gets a chance to truly focus on any one thing.
As a result, we’re not able to give our full attention to anything and the quality of our work suffers.
“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the Now the primary focus of your life.”―Eckhart Tolle
So if you wish you could slow down and experience sex in slow-mo, stop multitasking and focus on doing one sexual act at a time.
By giving your full attention to whatever you’re doing, you’ll be able to appreciate the experience and create lasting memories fully.
How To Use Time Stoppers to Enter Slow-Mo Mode
We all know the feeling of being in a zone, where time seems to slow down and we can focus entirely on the task at hand.
This phenomenon is often referred to as “slow-mo” or “flow state,” It can be an incredibly productive and enjoyable way to experience life.
One way to trigger slow-mo sex is to use activities that naturally slow us down.
These activities are often referred to as “time stoppers.” Music, video games, and good books are all great examples of time-stoppers. By immersing ourselves in these activities, we can help trigger slow-mo mode.
When we’re engaged in a time-stopper activity, our minds naturally slow down and enter a more relaxed state.
This relaxed state makes it easier for us to enter a flow state or slow-mo mode.
“Once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much more life she had time for.”―Unknown
In other words, by using time stoppers, we can make it more likely that we’ll experience slow-mo in our lives.
Find an activity that you enjoy and that naturally slows you down, and make it a part of your regular routine. You may be surprised at how soon you start experiencing the benefits of slow-mo mode.
Whatever it is, apply it to sex:
If music is your time stopper, put on your favorite slowdown music while you get rascally with your partner video games are your slow-mo time stopper, gamify your sexual experience. Either do it mentally by yourself or in cahoots with your partner, design, sexual games with points, bonus rounds, and friendly competition
If good books are your time stoppers, incorporate reading or roleplay into your sex lives. One of you could read a passage while the other one performs a sexual act on the reader.
Enter the Sensory Matrix
When you pay attention to the century details of an experience, you automatically slow yourself down.
Start noticing the big and small details of your partner and of your sexual experience. Focus on the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes involved in making love.

Every small little detail is a nuanced pathway into slow-mo sex.

Paying close attention pulls you into the present moment. You could call it Sherlock Sex for the famously observative detective.

Practice Mirror Sex
Mirror sex is another way to engage in slow-mo sex.

Here’s how it works: You match and mirror your partner’s moves. If they start twirling in a circular motion, you follow suit.

If they start kissing your neck, you kiss theirs.

If they throw on a football helmet and start talking in pig Latin, you suit up.

Mirroring helps you have slow-mo sex because it forces you to pay close attention to what your partner is doing. In a way, it’s a combination of the sensory matrix and gamifying sex.

It’s also true that when we match and mirror our partner’s body language, we feel closer and more connected with them.

The Novelty Method
Another proven way put yourself in the present moment is to do something novel.

One of the reasons childhood time seems so much longer than adult time is that childhood is full of novelty.

We’re having new experiences every day, all day long.

In a way, everything is new.

As we grow up, we have fewer and fewer novel experiences. We also get busier. The potent combo means the time rushes by like a fast current.

To drop yourself into the slow-mo mode, purposely practice something new.

Introduce novelty into your sex life.

Here are a few ways to add novelty:

Have sex in a different room
Have sex in a new location
Add sex toys to your experience
Make a sex tape
Buy a book of different positions and try them all
Play spin the bottle
Play strip poker
Give each other lap dances
To have slo-mo sex:

Don’t Multitask Sex (No Octopus Sex)
Introduce novelty into your sex life
Use time stoppers to trigger a slowdown
Match and mirror your partner during sex
Have Sherlock Sex by paying attention to small, sensory details
Final Thoughts
Slowing down has really improved my sex life.

For a long time in my past, I felt like I was constantly rushing around and I never had time to just stop and relax. But then I started making a conscious effort to slow down and it’s made such a big difference.

It’s helped me to be more present and appreciate the little moments.

And it’s also helped me to be more patient. I’m not always in such a hurry now and that’s made sex a lot more enjoyable.

Definitely something worth trying if you’re feeling stressed out and overwhelmed by your sex life. You might just find that it makes everything better.


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